DEGA Stinger-System X-Size mono

DEGA Stinger-System X-Size mono

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1 piece(s) = 2.20 €
DEGA Stinger-System X-Size mono
This stinger system is for large rubber fish for sea fishing in Norway. With the Mono-STINGER rubber fish as well as bait fish can be perfectly presented during sea fishing to avoid false bites when fishing, e.g. when the fish only bites into the rear part of the bait. The small hook is hooked into the back of the lure. The additional metal skewers supplied ensure that the line lies close to the bait. In order to prevent the loss of fish, extremely strong snap rings and swivels have been added to the stable mono leader. The line diameter of the mono leader is 1.2 mm and has a single hook with fastening hooks.  There are two sizes of this system. On the one hand there is a Stinger with a length of 5cm and hook size 4/0 and on the other hand with 7cm and hook size 5/0. 2 pieces are contained in each self-service package.

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Size 5cm (4/0) / 7cm (5/0)

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