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Rhino Hardeel - Trollingköder
Rhino Hardeel - unique hybrid trolling lure, higher resistance against predator teeth, extremely catchy, 10g | 7cm - 17g
From €5.79 *
Rapala SHADOW RAP DEEP Wobbler
Rapala SHADOW RAP DEEP plug, perfect balance, VMC® Black Nickel hook, diving depth 1,2-2,4m, 11cm, 13g, hook 3x #6, imitates a dying baitfish
€11.29 *
Westin Swim SW Glidebait
Westin Swim SW, sinking, material ABS plastic, lead-free, long-casting design, ultra-sharp carbon steel hooks 3x strong, continuous wire axle, hand-painted decors, various colours and sizes
From €11.95 *
Savage Gear 3D Mack Stick
Savage Gear 3D Mack Stick - sinking long casting lure based on 3D scan of a mackerel, super strong ABS construction, 4x trebles, continuous wire axle
From €14.49 *
Westin Salty the Shrimp - Hardlure
Westin Salty the Shrimp - Hardlure
Westin Salty the Shrimp, Hardlure with 8cm length and a weight of 20g, seven different colours
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€6.59 *