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Rapala Shadow Rap Wobbler
Rapala Shadow Rap wobbler, reacts to the smallest rod movements, "jerkbait" action, imitates a dying prey fish, VMC® Black Nickel hook
From €12.89 *
Savage Gear GRAVITY PENCIL Coast Wobbler
Savage Gear GRAVITY PENCIL Coast Wobbler, flat profile for good water adhesion , special design for long distance casts , VMS - Vivid Movement System , rattle in the back, super strong saltwater hooks, 5g - 33g
From €9.29 *
Rapala X-Rap Casting - Wobbler 8cm - 10cm
Rapala X-Rap Casting - Wobbler in 8cm oder 10cm, Slashbait® Action, schwebend auf Pause, texturierter transluzenter Körper, interne holographische Folie, internes Long-Cast System, 3D holographisches Auge, VMC® Black Nickel Round Bend Haken
From €12.99 *
FLADEN Maxximus HARPAX - Inshore wobbler
FLADEN Maxximus HARPAX - inshore wobbler, great running characteristics, also excellent as a jerkbait and as a wobbler for inshore waters, for sea trout, salmon, sea bass..., 8g - 70mm | 14g - 85mm | 18g - 95mm
From €5.49 *
Abu Garcia Sölv Blixx
Abu Garcia Sölv Blixx - Sea trout lure!
From €6.99 *
Abu Garcia SÖLV Piil
Abu Garcia SÖLV Piil - Sea trout lure, lead free, 12g - 22g, excellent casting characteristics, super sharp Fusion19 triplets, irregular tail swing when retrieving, nice fall when spinning stop, great colours
From €5.39 *
Rhino Hardeel
Rhino Hardeel - unique hybrid trolling lure, higher resistance against predator teeth, extremely catchy, 10g | 7cm - 17g
From €5.79 *
Rapala SHADOW RAP DEEP Wobbler
Rapala SHADOW RAP DEEP plug, perfect balance, VMC® Black Nickel hook, diving depth 1,2-2,4m, 11cm, 13g, hook 3x #6, imitates a dying baitfish
€12.99 *
Westin Swim SW Glidebait
Westin Swim SW, sinking, material ABS plastic, lead-free, long-casting design, ultra-sharp carbon steel hooks 3x strong, continuous wire axle, hand-painted decors, various colours and sizes
From €11.95 *
Savage Gear 3D Mack Stick
Savage Gear 3D Mack Stick - sinking long casting lure based on 3D scan of a mackerel, super strong ABS construction, 4x trebles, continuous wire axle
From €14.49 *