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Rapala Precision Line Scissors RCDPLS
Rapala Precision Line Scissors RCDPLS - Spring scissors, for one-handed operation for clean and precise cuts, both ultra-fine nylon and braided lines, 13cm, 40g
€17.95 *
SPRO Salt Scissor
SPRO Salt Scissor - with excellent performance, made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion and weather resistant, double serrated cutting edges for smooth cutting of fins or skin, with scaler, 23cm
€9.95 *
SPRO Braided Line Scissors 13,5cm
SPRO Braided Line Scissors 13.5cm, special scissors for braided line, made of stainless steel, for a clean and straight cut, serrated cutting edges
€4.29 *
Mustad Split Ring Plier MTB007
Mustad Nipper MTB010 - Line clipper with built-in eye cleaner (Jig Eye Cleaner), cuts both braided and monofilament line with ease
€3.29 *
Westin Line Scissors 12cm
Westin Line Scissors 12cm - Line scissors, length 12cm, stainless steel, serrated edge (for braid, mono and fluorocarbon)
€8.99 *
Berkley XCD 5.5in Scissors
Berkley XCD 5.5in Scissors - Fishing scissors, corrosion resistant stainless steel blades, adjustable hand strap, cutting tool for nylon and braided fishing lines. 5.5" overall length, ergonomic moulded handle, iIncludes adjustable lanyard
€11.29 *
MIKADO Line Clippers
MIKADO Line Clippers
MIKADO line clipper, foldable tool for line cutting, eyelet for attachment to vest clip or bag
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€2.99 *