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Jenzi herring lead lead-free 1 piece
Jenzi Herring lead lead-free 1 piece, environmentally friendly herring weight made of zinc, ideal on waters as well as in countries where the use of lead is prohibited, lead-free, 30g o. 40g
From €1.69 *
Jenzi Herring Lead - "Herring Spoon" - Red/Silver
Jenzi Hering lead - "Herring Flasher" - Red/Silver, with signal and teaser colour, scale pattern and sturdy snap ring, available is the herring flasher in 37g and 55g
From €2.69 *
Zebco Z-Sea Herirng Sinker lead free
Zebco Z-Sea Herring Lead - lead free and therefore more environmentally friendly, red-white lacquered, in weights from 20g to 60g, two eyelets
From €1.29 *
Kinetic Herring Light Sinker
Kinetic Herring Light Sinker - Herring lead with flashing LED, lead-free, holographic foil, with weights of 40g, 60g and 80g
€4.89 *
AQUANTIC Herring Lead bicolour
AQUANTIC Herring lead, bicolour, Colour red - white, Weights from 30g to 60g, the herring lead is attached to the rig
€1.59 *
DEGA Zinc herring weight
DEGA Zinc herring weight
Herring weight made of zinc, colour red/white, very good casting properties, 30-60g, not made of lead, ideal for countries with lead ban
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From €1.39 *