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Westin W3 CR Foldable Landing Net
Westin W3 CR Foldable Landing Net, 2 sizes, telescopic handle, engraved measuring tape, knotless rubber mesh, EVA handle, net holder, stable and lightweight design
From €69.95 *
Westin W6 Telescopic Landing Net
Westin W6 Telescopic Landing Net, two sizes, up to 300cm or 400cm, folding quick link, carbon shaft, knotless rubber coated mesh, strong and lightweight design
From €107.95 *
Behr Traditions wooden wading net rubberised
Behr Traditions wooden wading landing net rubberised, fish-friendly silicone mesh made of 100% nylon, tangle-free, odour-free, elastic attachment cord, hanger size 41x26cm, net depth 28cm
€18.95 *
Jenzi Quay Wall Net Deluxe square and foldable
Jenzi sheet pile landing net square and foldable, for fishing in harbours, at bridges, small packing and transport size, foldable, 100 % polyester, ø 80cm, depth 110 cm
€42.95 *
Jenzi foldable rubberised landing net
Jenzi foldable, rubberised landing net, is foldable and rubberised, ideal for wade fishing or spin fishing, elastic band with clip and an integrated clip to attach it to your belt, 100% polyester
€24.95 *
Jenzi folding wading landing net, rubberised...
Jenzi folding wading landing net, rubberised and floating, ideal for wading or spin fishing, elastic strap with clip and integrated belt clip, 100% polyester
€41.95 *
Westin W3 CR Adjustable Landing Net
Westin W3 CR Adjustable Landing Net S, foldable, adjustable handle 70-110cm, engraved measuring tape, knotless, rubber coated net 38x45x40cm
From €37.95 * €46.41 *
Kinetic Seatrout Net Floating
Kinetic Seatrout Net Floating - wading net, aluminium frame, EVA handle, rubber mesh net, magnetic release clip, belt clip, net 48x55cm, handle 30cm
€44.95 *
W3 CR Floating Landing net
W3 CR Floating Landing net - landing net in two sizes, quick link, foldable between net and handle, floating net, knotless, rubber-coated mesh, strong and lightweight
From €39.95 *
Kinetic Creek Net
Kinetic Creek Net, perfect for Catch & Relase, Aluminium frame, EVA handle, Magnetic quick release clip, Rubber mesh
€21.49 *
Kinetic Coast Net
Kinetic Coast Net, Aluminium frame, EVA handle, Magnetic release clip, Rubber mesh net, head 50x65cm / handle 20cm
€28.95 *
Westin W3 C&R Landing Net L
Westin W3 C&R Landing Net L - landing net, dimension lines engraved in the rod, rubberised knotless net, handle made of EVA, hooks cannot get caught in the net, detachable net holding strap with one-hand operation, robust and lightweight
€61.95 *
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