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Berkley GULP! Gel
Berkley GULP! Gel, 80 ml tube with Gulp! essence for applying to various lures such as pirks, rubber fish, wobblers etc.
€12.95 *
SPRO UV Amino Gel - Attractant
SPRO UV Amino Gel - Attractant, wax-like consistency, holds several casts on the bait, strongly UV-active, with worm scent, also contains amino acids for high stimulation of the fish, contains 75 ml UV gel
€8.95 *
SPRO Smell Gel - Attractant
SPRO Smell Gel - Attractant, viscous gel, for hardbaits, softbaits and metal baits, made in Germany, incredible hold on any bait surface, very strong odour, partially UV-active
€9.39 *
Berkely GULP! Slime 1.8 Oz - 51g
Berkely GULP! Slime 1.8 Oz - 51g, dry powder attractant, easy to use, use our Gulp! scent on all our baits, maximise your catch rate
€13.89 *
Dieter Eisele Lugworm Doppelgänger XL
Dieter Eisele Lugworm Doppelgänger XL, 3 Wattis, length approx. 13cm, soaked with Kvalvik, extremely durable, 5 colours, UV-active
€7.95 *
Dieter Eisele Lugworm Doppelgänger
Dieter Eisele lugworm Doppelgänger, 4 Wattis + 1 Turbo-Tail, soaked with Kvalvik, extremely durable, 4 Colours (3x Deep Sea)
€7.95 *
Kvalvik attractant for cod, halibut, salmon and...
Kvalvik Bait revolutionary attractant for fishing for cod, halibut, salmon and trout in a cream for application to the bait
€13.99 *