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AQUANTIC The Sandeel Shad AQUANTIC The Sandeel Shad
Content 2 Stück (€2.50 * / 1 Stück)
From €4.99 *
AQUANTIC Picaro Shad AQUANTIC Picaro Shad
Content 2 Stück (€1.75 * / 1 Stück)
From €3.49 *
FLADEN Sand Eels FLADEN Sand Eels
Content 10 Stück (€0.60 * / 1 Stück)
€5.99 *
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Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Nereis - Sandworm 150mm...
Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Nereis - Sandworm 150mm - Camo - Length 15cm - Content 10 pcs.
€9.49 *
Berkley GULP! Mini Earthworm
Berkley GULP! Mini Earthworm, each worm has exclusive scent and flavour enhancements, irresistible, very durable, length 3cm, content 42 pieces
€8.39 *
Berkley GULP! Shrimp
Berkley GULP! Shrimp, natural shrimp imitation, can be fished statically or actively, various sizes, lengths 5cm | 7.5cm | 10cm, content 8 pieces (5cm) | 6 pieces (7.5cm) | 4 pieces (10cm)
€7.99 *
Berkley GULP! Saltwater Jerk Shad
Berkley GULP! Saltwater Jerk Shad, dynamite bait for sea bass, great flight characteristics, fantastic odour dispersion, lengths 12.5cm | 17.5cm, content: 5 pieces (12.5cm) | 4 pieces (17.5cm)
€7.99 *
Berkley GULP! Saltwater Peeler Crab
Berkley GULP! Saltwater Peeler Crab, lifelike imitation of a peeler crab, can be fished actively or statically, perfect for casting on the beach, fishing with a float or actively fished, size 5cm
€7.89 *
Berkley GULP! Saltwater Sandworm
Berkley GULP! Saltwater Sandworm, 5cm, all-rounder, versatile bait for many species, perfect for fishing from the shore, near harbours and piers, all-round use, both active and passive
€9.29 *
Berkley GULP! Crazy Leg Jerkshad
Berkley GULP! Crazy Leg Jerkshad, 12.5cm long, various colours, fantastic tail action, rigs it on a jig head or offset hook, real top bait for sea bass and saithe
€7.99 *
Berkley GULP! Crabby
Berkley GULP! Crabby, imitates a crab, GULP! scent, can be rigged in many different ways, straight running, lots of movement in the legs, lengths: 5cm | 6.5cm
€7.89 *
Berkley GULP! Turbo Shrimp
Berkley GULP! Turbo Shrimp, unique leg design mimics the movement of a real shrimp perfectly, creates a lot of turbulence and vibrations that spread more scent, sizes 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm
€9.29 *
Berkley GULP! Fat Sandworm 10cm
Berkley GULP! Fat Sandworm 10cm, most lifelike imitation of a sandworm on the market, hollow body, easy threading, a must for boat and shore, length 10cm
€9.29 *
Behr TRENDEX Power Eel 20cm
Behr TRENDEX Power Eel 20cm, all-round bait, for all predatory fish, super soft, extremely mobile, 3 pieces per pack in resealable foil bag
€3.49 *
Behr TRENDEX Artificials
Behr TRENDEX Artificial worms/shrimps with flavour, worm and shrimp baits are flavoured, for all fish species, between 16 and 100 pieces, packed in 50 ml cans
€3.95 *
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