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Behr TRENDEX All Power Split Rings
Behr TRENDEX All Power Split Rings, stainless steel split rings with insane load capacity, flat forged stainless steel provides even more grip and extreme load capacity, sizes 6mm - 18mm, 20kg - 108kg
From €1.49 *
Rosco Split Rings Black
ROSCO snap rings Black, Made in USA from stainless steel, with black coating, quality proven a million times over, many different diameters and load capacities
From €1.29 *
Aquantic Power Splitring Swivel
Aquantic Power Splitring Swivel - Combination consisting of a stainless steel crane swivel with strong split ring, contents 5 pieces, lengths 31mm - 92kg | 34mm - 115kg
From €3.29 *
Kinetic Oval Splitring
Kinetic Oval Splitring - oval split rings, ideal for inline lures, or as stoppers, made of stainless steel, content: 10 pieces, sizes: 4x8mm - 29kg | 5x10mm - 32kg | 6x12mm - 58kg
€1.89 *
Kinetic Stainless Steel Splitring
Kinetic Stainless Steel Splitring, without them nothing works, sizes from 4mm - 17mm, load capacities from 14kg - 45kg, made of stainless steel, content: 10 pieces
€1.69 *
Kinetic 3X Strong Splitring
Kinetic 3X Strong Split Ring - extra strong split rings, made of stainless steel, 3X strong wire, sizes: 7mm - 14mm, load capacity from 36kg - 113kg, content 10 pcs.
€1.89 *
Uni Cat Power Splitring
Uni Cat Power Splitring, strong snap rings in three sizes from 1.2mm (75kg) to 1.6mm (115kg), 10 pieces per pack
Content 10 Stück (€0.29 * / 1 Stück)
From €2.89 *
Stainless steel split ring - extra strong
Behr Stainless steel split rings, extra strong, diameter 8mm - 20mm, breaking strength from 22kg - 43kg
From €1.49 *
AQUANTIC Easy Strong Split Ring
AQUANTIC Easy Strong snap ring, very strong, for salt and fresh water, size 10mm, 12mm, 15mm  and 18mm,  load capacity 20kg and 35kg
From €1.49 *
MADCAT SPLIT RINGS - 16 pieces/pack
MADCAT SPLIT RINGS, forged black nickel split rings made of Japanese stainless steel, 10mm (100lb) or 12mm (150lb), 16 pieces/pack
From €2.89 *
Jenzi Splitt Rings
Jenzi stainless steel splitt rings, extra stable and strong, especially suitable for Norway and heavy fishing, 3 sizes 12mm-16mm, 30kg-45kg
€2.39 *
ROSCO Split rings
ROSCO split rings Made in USA stainless steel million times proven quality, 6 different diameter and load capacities
From €0.55 *
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