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DEGA Deadbait Halibut Rig - Baitball
DEGA Deadbait Halibut Rig - Baitball, painted lead head, sturdy snap rings, 12/0 single hook, 3/0 treble hook, sturdy 1.2 mm Hard-Mono-Leader leader, approx. 25 cm, 300g, 400g or 500g
From €13.95 *
AQUANTIC Fireball System
AQUANTIC Fireball System, 200g to 500g, 120cm, strength 96kg, fluorescent lead head, separate hook for rubber fish, Fluocarbon Stinger
From €16.89 *
Berkley Baitfish Rigs
Berkley Baitfish Rigs in two colours glow and pumpkin, weights of 350g and 450g, strong hook and treble
From €13.49 * €20.23 *
DAM SALT-X Dead Bait System
DAM SALT-X Dead Bait System, strong hook and monostinger, lead free head, bait clamps, 200g or 300g
From €13.19 *
Dieter Eisele Bait-Ball mounted
Dieter Eisele Bait-Ball mounted
Dieter Eisele Bait-Ball, already assembled, weights from 200g - 600g, hook size 7/0 (200g-400g) and 10/0 (500g, 600g)
Content 1 Stück
From €22.49 *