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OKUMA Blue Azores - Spinning Reel
OKUMA Blue Azores - Stationary reel for saltwater fishing, available in sizes 4000-9000, 6+1 ball bearings, gear ratio 5.8:1 / 5.4:1, braking force 13kg / 20kg, aluminium body, saltwater resistant
From €111.95 *
PENN General Purpose Level Wind 209LC
PENN General Purpose Level Wind 209LC, modern technology in well-known design, milled spool made of anodised aluminium, star brake, 3.2:1, 2 ball bearings, braking power: 10lb/4,5kg, 329m/0,41mm
€59.95 *
PENN Slammer IV
PENN Slammer IV packed with more features than ever before, with proven IPX6 sealed body and spool, brake system redesigned, CNC brass gear technology, of the 8+1 stainless steel bearing system and hydrophobic line roller bearing has made the Slammer IV the ultimate working reel, size 2500 - 10500
From €279.95 *
Shakespeare SALT Spinning Reel
Shakespeare SALT Spinning Reel, 6 ball bearings made of stainless steel, spool made of anodised aluminium, CNC handle made of aluminium, super-smooth gear, smooth-running brake system, saltwater-proof
From €39.95 *
Penn Squall II Level Wind
Penn Squall II Level Wind - Multi-reels in sizes from 15 to 50, partly with line counter, side plate with quick access to the gearbox, 3+1 ball bearings, rings for line capacity, gear ratio 4.9:1, left and right hand
From €99.95 *
Penn Squall II Star Drag
Penn Squall II Star Drag - is light, fast and extremely castable, 5 sizes from 12 to 40, gear ratio 6.1:1, pull-in 102cm, braking power 11,3kg, left or right hand, 6+1 ball bearings
From €139.95 *
OKUMA Safina Pro SNP - Series
OKUMA Safina Pro SNP - series, five different models from 2500 - 140000 available, 3+1 ball bearings, Quick Set infinite anti-reverse system, aluminum spool, graphite housing, computer-balanced rotor system
From €42.95 *
OKUMA Cedros CJ - Series
OKUMA Cedros CJ spinning reels for saltwater use, new rigid LITECAST design (magnesium/aluminium alloy), Dual-Force braking system for extreme braking power, screw-in aluminium power crank, high-speed gear ratio 6+1 ball bearings
From €169.95 *
OKUMA Surf 8K 14000
OKUMA Surf 8K 14000, robust, reliable and strong reel, braking power of 18kg, aluminium spool, 550m/0,35mm, 5+1 stainless steel ball bearings, gear ratio 4.7:1, retraction 108cm, Multi Disc brake with oiled felt brake discs, precise machine milled brass gear, corrosion resistant graphite body, Fast Drag system, waterproof brake sealant
€99.95 *
OKUMA Distance Surf Arena DSA
OKUMA Distance Surf Arena DSA, robust and strong, braking force 16kg, 2 different models, 3 ball bearings 1 roller bearing, Hydro Block brake system protects the reel optimally from water and sand, machine-milled aluminium spool, Worm Shaft System
From €67.95 *
OKUMA Convector Linecounter CV
OKUMA KONVEKTOR Linecounter CV, 2 models as left-handed, baitcast reel with line counter, clever Quick Drop Switch function for trolling, 2+1 ball bearings, synchronized line guide, multi-disc carbon brake system
From €94.95 *
OKUMA Cold Water Line Counter Reel
OKUMA Cold Water Line Counter Reel - Multi Reel with line counter, self-lubricating gear system, durable brass main and pinion gears, self-lubricating gear system, durable brass main and pinion gears
From €144.95 *
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