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Jenzi surf rod holder 120cm - luminious -...
Jenzi Brandungsrutenhalter 120cm - luminious - is made of aluminium, with self-luminous rod rest, ideal for surf and catfish fishing
€16.95 *
Jenzi STONFO mounting table for surf rod holders
Jenzi STONFO mounting table for surf rod holders, for the requirements and needs of surf anglers, "Bait-Station", special joint and mounting set, for common tripods approx. 37x27 cm
€57.95 *
ZEBCO Rod Holder
ZEBCO rod holder in sizes 75cm and 125cm, light metal, stable, lower rod holder height adjustable, rod holders made of self-luminous plastic
From €10.49 *
IMAX FR PackDown Tripod Tele 2 Rod
IMAX FR PackDown Tripod Tele 2 Rod, extendable up to 183cm, small transport size (93cm), ully adjustable height cups, good stability, saltwater resisitant paint finish
€74.95 *
Kinetic Surf Rod Pod
Kinetic Surf Rod Pod, modern and lightweight telescopic surf rod holder for surf casting, collapsible, 94x175cm, 2,2kg
Content 1 Stück
€67.95 * €94.01 *
AQUANTIC Beach Pod Alu - Tripod
AQUANTIC Beach Pod made of aluminum, tripod for two rods, incl. Buzzerbars, cups, cushions and transport bag, 2,20kg, height 175cm
Content 1 Stück
€59.99 *
FLADEN Sand Spike - Rodrest
FLADEN sand spike, rodrest, U-shaped rod holder for muddy and sandy grounds, length approx. 82cm, ideal for surf fishing
Content 1 Stück
€10.99 *
Shakespeare Sand Pike
Shakespeare Sand Pike, special pole holder for soft sand beaches, delivery including transport bag
Content 1 Stück
€27.95 *
DAM STEELPOWER ADJUSTA BEACH RODREST, V-shaped rod holder for the beach, height adjustable, aluminum, 75cm or 125cm
From €12.95 *
MIKADO Rod Stand for a maximum of 16 rods
MIKADO Rod Stand for a maximum of 16 rods
MIKADO  plastic rod stand for a maximum of 16 rods, usable as 2 single parts on the wall, or free-standing on two sides, 44x21x90cm
Content 1 Stück
€38.49 *