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Savage Gear THRUSTER SW 12V 55LBS
Savage Gear THRUSTER SW 12V 55LBS - E-motor for your boat, ideal for saltwater as it is salt water resistant, 12V, 105 Ah (recommended), two-digit LCD monitor, 360 degree steering
€199.75 *
Savage Gear Thruster 12V
Savage Gear Thruster 12V electric outboard motor in two versions with 36LBS or 55LBS, ideal for small lakes up to large rivers, power consumption: 12V, 105 Ah (recommended), speed control: 5/2 (forward/reverse), 360 degree steering
From €169.95 *
Rhino VX 50 ECO Electric Outboard Motor Series
Rhino VX 50 ECO electric outboard motor, VX50 with 50lbs thrust, shaft length 74cm, 12V, weight 10kg, length battery cable 1,45m
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€204.95 *
Rhino BLX 70 Electric Outboard Motor
Rhino BLX 70 electric outboard motor, 70lb thrust, approx. 500W equals approx. 2 hp, maintenance-free design, 12.2kg, for boats up to 2000kg
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€469.95 *
Rhino COBOLD Electric Outboard Motor VX Series
Rhino COBOLD electric outboard motor of the VX series, 2 sizes VX 18 and VX 24, 3,6kg, shaft length 60cm, max. boat weight 500/600kg
From €117.95 * €166.60 *
Rhino VX Electric Outboard Motor Series
Rhino VX Electric Outboard Motor Series, 3 sizes available, VX 34, VX 54, VX 65, shaft length 74cm, 12V weight 6,7kg(VX34) / 10,0kg
From €209.95 *