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Wiggler - Glidar´n - Continuous Pilk Weight black
Wiggler - Glidar'n - Continuous Pilk Weight black, in the shape of a banana pilk, optimal for fishing halibut, large cod, weight runs freely on the line, 300g and 500g
From €10.95 *
Cod Ball
Codfish ball, ideal for various natural bait or trolling mounts, various weights from 55g - 500g, recess for 3D eyes
From €1.59 *
Kidney Lead with 2 Eyelets - Sinker
Kidney lead with 2 eyelets in various weights from 200g - 850g, ideal for natural bait and bottom fishing or as a trolling lead
From €3.49 *
Cheburashka large
Cheburashka large, ideal as a starter weight for artificial lures and baitfish, weights from 30g - 80g, optimal for sea fishing
From €0.89 *
6-Edge Surf Lead
6-edge surf lead, conical shape, the leads have an eye, weights from 30g - 250g are available, ideal for bottom and surf fishing
From €0.89 *
Arrow Long-Throw Lead
Arrow long throw lead, pointed lead, optimal for very long throws, various sizes from 90g to 120g
From €1.79 *
Stick Pirk Lead
Stick pirk lead, with 2 eyelets, lead blank, can be used as a fast sinking lead or as a pilker, comes without hooks, various weights
From €5.29 *
Norway Stick Lead
Norway stick lead - stick weights in different sizes from 180g - 300g, also ideal for fishing for redfish
From €2.99 *
Stream Lead
Stream Lead in various weights from 60g to 140g, ideal for waters with strong currents
From €0.89 *
MIKADO wing lead with swivel 175g
MIKADO wing lead with swivel 175g, for very long casts, the fast reeling brings the mount quickly to the surface and guides it safely past underwater obstacles
€2.49 *
Behr Special Sinker Luminious-Glo
Behr special sinker Luminious-Glo in weights from 300g - 700g, thus also suitable for great depths
From €4.79 *
Kinetic Keel Sinker lead free
Kinetic Keel Sinker - lead free - ideal for building a kutscher-system for dead bait fishing for large cod and halibut, 250g o. 350g
From €7.99 *
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