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FLADEN Flotation Suit 848 MX
FLADEN Flotation Suit 848 MX - Swimsuit, lace suit, ISO 12402-6 and ISO-15027-1 class D certified, waterproof inner pockets, inner fleece covers, SOLAS strap, adjustable braces, Kevlar knee pads
€399.95 *
FLADEN 846XY Floatation Suit - Jacket and Trousers
FLADEN 846XY Floatation Suit - jacket and trousers, consists of FLADEN Floatation Jacket 846XY and FLADEN Floatation Trousers 847S, jacket is E393 certified, trousers are ISO 12402-6 certified
€289.95 *
FLADEN Floatation Jacket 846XY yellow/black
FLADEN Floatation Jacket 846XY yellow/black, has enough buoyancy, can be used as buoyancy aid, EN393 certified as floatation jacket, 2 chest pockets, 100% PU coated 300D nylon with taped seams
€179.95 *
SPRO Floatation Suit Jacket or Trousers
SPRO Floatation Suit Jacket or Trousers, jacket and/or trousers available separately, as a combination they serve as a flotation suit and buoyancy aid, sizes M-3XL
From €51.95 *
FLADEN Flotation Suit 845C Camouflage S-XXL
FLADEN Flotation Suit 845C Camouflage - Swimsuit S-XXL, ISO 12402-6 certified (flotation suit), ISO-15027-1 certified (thermal protection), camouflage colour, large hood, removable reflective bands
€179.95 *
FLADEN Flotation Suit 845XB
FLADEN Flotation Suit 845XB; Flotation suit with the same features and quality as the bestseller 845, but in a modern design
€198.90 *
FLADEN Flotation Suit 845XY
FLADEN Flotation Suit 845XY; Flotation suit with the same features and quality as the bestseller 845, but in a modern design,  XXS -XXL
€198.90 *
Westin W6 Flotation Suit
Westin W6 Flotation Suit - Swimsuit, taped seams, 8 pockets, kevlar reinforced seat and knee areas, sizes S - 3XL
€324.95 *
Mullion AQUAFLOAT SUPERIOR Jacket + Trousers -...
Mullion Aquafloat Superior, trousers+jacket, flotation suit, blue-red, EN393: 1994, EN343: 2003 Class 3-1, buoyancy together 88N, S-3XL
From €149.95 *
FLADEN Flotation Suit 890/891OS
FLADEN Flotation Suit 890/891OS, ISO 12402-6, Navy Blue or Navy/Red, size S - XXL, many reflectors, more pockets, waterproof zippers
€294.95 *
FLADEN Flotation Jacket 846 or Bib & Brace 847
FLADEN jacket 846 or bib & brace 847 as swimsuit, sizes XXS-XXL, jacket certified as a flotation jacket and with trousers as suit
From €104.95 *
Fladen Flotation Suit 845
Fladen Flotation Suit 845 Blue-Yellow, the lightest suit on the market, that do not compromise safety
€178.95 * €211.82 *
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