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AQUANTIC Garfish Silk AQUANTIC Garfish Silk
Content 10 Stück (€0.20 * / 1 Stück)
€1.99 *
Behr reflex foil Behr reflex foil
Content 2 Stück (€0.95 * / 1 Stück)
From €1.89 *
Iron Claw Magnetic Stinger Mount Iron Claw Magnetic Stinger Mount
Content 5 Stück (€0.78 * / 1 Stück)
€3.89 *
1044400 Behr Chemical Light assortment box 30 pieces
Content 30 Stück (€0.21 * / 1 Stück)
€6.39 *
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FLADEN Garfish Threads 10 pcs.
FLADEN garfish silk 10 pieces, gentle way to catch garfish, replacement for hooks, four colours available
€1.89 *
Tsunami Bait Elastic fine
Tsunami Bait Elastic, very good quality, perfect for attaching bait such as small baitfish, mussels or shrimps to the hook, white colour, fine thickness
€2.29 *
Wiggler Bait Elastic
Wiggler Bait Elastic, two versions, perfect for attaching bait such as small baitfish, mussels or shrimps to the hook, white colour, Sizes: 0,3mm-100m / 0,5mm-50m
€2.29 *
SPRO Bait Elastic
SPRO Bait Elastic - bait thread in dispenser, three different versions for a wide variety of baits, 2x 200m or 2x 120m
€4.95 *
AQUANTIC Flash Light
AQUANTIC Flash Light for additional attraction, 13x53mm, light duration on average approx. 72 hours, available in 5 colors, batteries cannot be replaced as they are sealed waterproof in the housing
€3.89 *
Westin Add-It Willow Screw
Westin Add-It Willow Screw - Spinner blade, to increase the attraction effect, made of the best materials, various colours and sizes, screw-in stainless steel wire, ball bearing swivel for optimised rotation
From €3.49 *
Fladen Bait elastic 200m
Fladen Bait elastic - bait thread 200m, hardly visible elastic bait thread for securely fixing natural or artificial bait on the hook, ideal for sea wolf fishing
€2.49 *
Aquantic Add on Blades
Aquantic Add on Blades - Spinner blades with twist-in spring for attachment to rubber lures as an additional attraction factor, various colours, size is 45mm, content pieces
€3.79 *
WIGGLER Nordkyn Spinnerbait Rig 2pcs
WIGGLER Nordkyn Spinnerbait Rig set of 2 for sea fishing, made of stainless steel, large corkscrew closure, 22x16 cm, 2 pieces per pack, proven when fishing for halibut
€5.99 *
Behr UV Varnish 10ml - UV Reflectant Coating
Behr UV varnish 10ml, for upgrading your artificial lures, for special lure appeal, dries quickly and can be used immediately, contents 10ml
€4.99 *
DEGA spinner blades II with spring screw
DEGA spinner blades II with spring screw, Pimp your Shad - high gloss and polished spinner blades for extra attraction, blade size 30 mm, total length approx. 65 mm, 2 pcs./SB-packed
€3.99 *
FLADEN Flashing Diode
FLADEN Blink Diode, ideal e.g. for ice fishing, for spin fishing as a lure for your bait for deep-sea fishing Diode flashes on contact with water, resistant to salt water, for depths up to 300 m, battery life approx. 70 hours
€3.29 *
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