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Mustad Premium Fillet Knife Green
Mustad Premium Fillet Knife Green - Fillet knife green, various sizes from 7" (18cm) - 9" (23cm), German stainless steel blade for excellent corrosion resistance, excellent soft grip handle material
€35.95 *
Mustad Fillet Knife 6" - 15cm
Mustad Fillet Knife 6" - Fillet knife 15cm, the knife has a soft, ergonomic handle and a stainless steel blade, soft handle, solid construction, sheath with belt clip
€6.95 *
Gerber CONTROLLER 6 folding fillet knife
Gerber CONTROLLER 6 folding fillet knife, very compact, with fastening eye, handle length: 18.5cm, blade length: 14.9cm, overall length: 34.0cm, weight: 156g
€39.95 *
Gerber CONTROLLER 8 Filleting Knife
Gerber CONTROLLER 8 fillet knife, plastic sheath, knife sharpener, belt clip, belt loop, handle length: 13.7cm, blade length: 20.3cm, total length: 34.0cm, weight: 139g
€39.95 *
Rapala Saltwater Fillet Knife
Rapala Saltwater Fillet Knife, ergonomic, non-slip handle, plastic sheath, sturdy, sharp and flexible blade, stainless steel blade, flexible and robust tip, easy to clean
€14.49 *
Rapala HAWK Filet Knife
Rapala HAWK Filet Knife - with 15cm blade, contoured hard plastic handle with textured surface for a secure grip, sturdy finger guard, stainless steel, flexible, open sheath
€7.99 *
Rapala RCD Fillet Knife
Rapala RCD Fillet Knife - Fillet knife, polished and flexible monobloc blade, stainless steel, blade length 15cm, ergonomic "Soft-Grip" handle, knife sheath made of high compression plastic
€17.95 *
Rapala RCD Folding Knife
Rapala RCD Folding Knife - folding fillet knife, foldable, hand-ground stainless steel blade, lock-back design, non-slip soft-grip handle with integrated protective cover
€23.79 *
Marttiini Finnish Condor Fillet Knife 15cm | 19cm
Marttiini Finnish Condor fillet knife, brass-coloured plastic toggles, with 15cm or 19cm blade length, stainless steel blade, nylon sheath with piercing protection, rubber handle
From €34.95 *
Marttiini Finnish Filleting Knife Rubber 10cm |...
Marttiini Finnish fillet knife rubber, sharp, flexible ground blade made of stainless steel, leather sheath included, as 10cm, 15cm or 19cm model, rubber handle
From €38.95 *
SAENGER Filleting knife Nordland 3
SAENGER Filleting knife Nordland 3, large knife with 21cm long blade, total length 34cm, made of 420 stainless steel, comes with sheath
€14.99 *
Jenzi fillet knife with sheath and flexible blade
Jenzi filleting knife with sheath and flexible blade, blade length 14cm, handle length 128mm, floating, ergonomic handle
€5.95 *
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