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DEGA Redfish Rig Luminous 5/0
DEGA redfish leader Luminous 5/0, 530cm long, Ø main line 0.80mm / Ø mouth lines 0.70mm, 6 side arms, thick wire hooks, luminous octopus, EVA board
€10.95 *
FLADEN UER 6-hook Redfish System
FLADEN UER 6-hook Redfish System with six hooks size 4/0, line thickness 0.75mm, with green glow tube on the hooks
€2.95 *
DEGA Redfish Rig
DEGA redfish leader, successful system, mounted on sharp, red hooks, with 6 arms - but divisible in the middle, length is 560cm, diameter of 0.80mm
€4.29 *
Rhino Sea Perch Rig self-luminous
Rhino Sea Perch Rig self-luminous, length 5,00m, 5 hooks, hook size 7/0, main line Ø 1,00mm, leader line Ø 0,80mm, capacity 50kg
€4.79 *
Kinetic Red Perch Rig 2/0
Kinetic Red Perch Rig 2/0 - red perch leader with a length of 560cm, six red and chemically sharpened hooks size 2/0
€4.95 *
DEGA Pilk Leader 4-Arm
DEGA Pilk Leader 4-Arm - practical basic leader with 4 side arms, for attaching bycatchers as well as pilks for sea angling, high-quality and strong design for sea angling, 1 pc. SB-packed
€3.69 *
AQUANTIC Red Fish Leader 5,40 m
AQUANTIC Redfish-Rig with a length of 5.40 m and 6 hooks size 3/0 on a 0.80 mm thick monofilament string
Content 1 Stück
€3.69 *
Dieter Eisele Redfish Target Fish System
Dieter Eisele Redfish Target Fish System, 3 variants available, length 640cm, with Circle Hook, red sea hook or patent Snap-Swivel
From €8.79 *
AQUANTIC Redfish System Circle Hook 6m
AQUANTIC Redfish System Circle Hook, length 6m with extra swivel, in fluo red or fluo green, hook size 6/0 or 8/0
From €3.59 *
Zebco Redfish Rig selbstleuchtend 5x 7/0- 1,00mm - 50kg
Zebco Redfish Rig selbstleuchtend 5x 7/0-...
Zebco Redfish Rig, five single hook system 7/0, 1,00mm - 50kg, length 500cm, for boat fishing for redfish
Content 1 Stück
€8.69 *