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Eisele Seafishing Whiting Rig
Eisele Seafishing whiting leader, with small octopus, shiny gold single hook in size 3/0, length 1.80m, with light spot, quick release swivel to easily unhook fish if necessary, 2 colours
€7.99 *
DEGA Natural Bait System
DEGA natural bait system, attractive and very catchy natural bait leader for fishing from boats and cutters, shiny beads and spinner blades, 0.50mm, 120cm, hook size 2, EVA board, four variants
€5.49 *
DEGA Profi Natural Bait Rig
DEGA Profi natural bait Rig, with fine bead, small spinner blade, sharp hook, on a high quality EVA blister, length 35cm, hook size 2, line 0.35mm
€3.29 *
Shakespeare Sea Pilk Rig
Shakespeare Sea Pilk Rig, high quality components, with one or two bycatchers, hook size is 3/0, monofilament line has a load capacity of 25lb
€1.39 *
DEGA Octopus-System with 4 Arms
DEGA Octopus system with 4 side arms to which small octopuses and strong single hooks are attached, specially selected colour variants with glitter as well as UV activity
€2.99 *
FLADEN Luminous Silk Rig
FLADEN Luminous Silk Rig - feather leader, in four different colours, with different hooks from size 4 to 10/0, depending on the hook size it has 5, 3 or 2 hooks
From €1.69 *
MIKADO Double Twister Rig Luminous
MIKADO Double Twister Rig Luminous in size 5,5cm (4/0) or 7,5cm (6/0) with 2 hooks each, ideal for cod and saithe
From €1.99 *
DEGA Luminous Rubber Makk Rig 2s
DEGA Luminous rubber makk leader 2s, mounted marine leader strong luminous (luminous) rubber makk, 2 side arms and a length of 100 cm, three sizes from 8/0 to 12/0, three colours
From €3.29 *
DEGA Pilk Leader 4-Arm
DEGA Pilk Leader 4-Arm - practical basic leader with 4 side arms, for attaching bycatchers as well as pilks for sea angling, high-quality and strong design for sea angling, 1 pc. SB-packed
€3.69 *
DEGA Pink Pilk Lure Rig 5/0
DEGA Pink Pilk Lure Rig 5/0, pink and luminous marine leader, 3 sidearms, hook size 5/0, for cod, coalfish and pollack, sidearms 10 cm, total length 125 cm, hook size 5/0
€3.79 *
Behr Running-Boom Rig with Single Hook
Behr Running-Boom rig with single hook, natural bait rig, 1x hook, metal boom, 3 spinner blades, fluorescent tube, length 1,3m, line 1mm
Content 1 Stück
€4.49 *
MIKADO Norway Quest 10 - Mini Squid Circle System
MIKADO Norway Quest 10 - Mini Squid Circle System
MIKADO Norway Quest 11, Mini Squid Circle System, length 210cm, for depths of 5-50m, 2x turbines, 10cm octopuses, 0,80mm/1,00mm, 2 hooks
Content 1 Stück
€4.99 *
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