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Rapala X-RAP MAGNUM Wobbler
Rapala X-RAP MAGNUM Wobbler - depth specific diving scoop, clear coating, internal holographic decoration, holographic 3D eyes, triple reinforced blasting rings, VMC® 4X Perma Steel hook, hand tuned and tank tested
From €18.99 *
Rapala Deep Tail Dancer Wobbler
Rapala Deep Tail Dancer Wobbler - made to get to depth fast (up to 12m), floating, stable diving blade, strong "tail swimming action", strong flanking action, internal rattle mechanism, banana shaped balsa wood body, VMC® Black Nickel trebles
From €10.99 *
Rhino Hardeel
Rhino Hardeel - unique hybrid trolling lure, higher resistance against predator teeth, extremely catchy, 10g | 7cm - 17g
From €5.79 *