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Jenzi Paravan Trolling Lead FireRed
Jenzi Paravan trolling lead FireRed, ideal for trolling to bring the lure to depth, available in 40g, 70g and 90g
From €3.49 *
WATER WOLF 2.0 1080K - Underwater Camera
WATER WOLF 2.0 1080K - Underwater camera, Full HD 1080P video, automatic white balance, waterproof up to 100 metres, high shock resistance, super anti-shake feedback, 3.5 hours recording Water Wolf
€99.95 *
Rhino Flexi Diver
Rhino Flexi Diver - Diving discs with diving depths up to 10m, different colours available
€14.95 *
Kinetic Antikink Sinker
Kinetic Antikink Sinker, great little invention against twisted and tangled lines, lead free zinc, perfectly balanced, super for trolling and spin fishing
€3.99 *
Rhino Flexiboard Pair Right & Left Orange/Yellow
Rhino Flexiboard Pair Right & Left Orange/Yellow, always keeps your trolling lures at the desired distance from the boat, first class "bad weather board"
€61.95 *
Rhino Bait Holder Rig
Rhino Bait Holder Rig, available in 4 different colours and two sizes, with VMC 9650 Perma Steel treble hooks, 0,50mm monofilament line, length 120cm
€2.99 *
RHINO Trolling Clip with Pin 3 pcs.
RHINO Trolling Clip with Pin 3 pieces - small, light clip for trolling, with pin that prevents release
€6.29 *
UNI CAT Cat Board - Scherbrett
UNI CAT Cat Board - planer board to keep mounts at "distance", shear angle adjustable, can be used for left and right, approx. 26 x 17,5cm
€37.95 *
SAVAGE GEAR MP Paravan XL - Sideplaner
SAVAGE GEAR MP Paravan XL - Sideplaner with U-shaped stainless steel keel, right- and left-handed, line-friendly clip
Content 1 Stück
€19.95 * €35.70 *
Jenzi Paravan Trolling Lead
Jenzi Paravan trolling lead, with quick-change mechanism, in 4 weights of 30g, 50g, 70g and 100g, 2 pieces (30g/50g) / 1 piece (70g/100g)
From €5.99 *
FLADEN Downrigger Stacker Release Clips - 2 pieces
FLADEN Downrigger Stacker Release Clip, the blister pack includes 2 pieces, 1x in colour yellow and 1x in colour orange, Size S or L
Content 2 Stück (€4.48 * / 1 Stück)
From €8.95 *
FLADEN Side Planer Board
FLADEN Side Planer Board for trolling, size 250 x 85 mm, versions availible for left and right
€17.49 *
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