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FLADEN Lightpilk - Glow Stick Pirk
FLADEN Lightpilk - Glow Stick Pirk, one of the most popular pilkers now also with the option of using a bend light in the belly, 100g - 750g, in two colours
From €2.95 *
Eisele Reflex Pilker Special Offer
Eisele Reflex pirk special offer, in different weights, weights from 125g - 450g, with highly reflective foil, VMC treble hooks
From €6.19 *
DEGA Pilker Deep Catcher lead free
DEGA Pilker Deep Catcher lead-free, straight, slim shape, made of steel, various colours (partly UV-active), 200g -500g
From €5.49 *
WIGGLER Clown Pilk - triangular pilk
WIGGLER Clown Pilk - triangular pilk a classic Norway pilk with weights from 80g to 1000g - the classic
From €5.49 *
WIGGLER Rundpilk Yellow-Red
WIGGLER Round Pilk Yellow-Red, classic pilk, fast sinking, color in yellow-red, weight of 500g available
€7.29 *
WIGGLER Clown Pilk Lys - triangular pilk glow
WIGGLER Clown Pilk Lys - triangular pilk Glow a classic self-luminous Norway pilk with weights from 200g to 500g - the classic
From €11.99 *
WIGGLER Rundpilk Silver
WIGGLER Round Pilk Silver, classic pilk, fast sinking, colour in silver, weights from 100g - 500g available
From €4.49 *
WIGGLER Sexkantspilk
WIGGLER Sexkantspilk - hexagonal pilker, simple, fast sinking and cheap pilker in silver, available from 100g to 500g
From €3.69 *
Sølvkroken Selvlysende Svenskepilk
Sølvkroken Selvlysende Svenskepilk - like the original Svenskepilk pirk with fluminescent surface, from 150g - 500g, high-quality components
From €18.99 *
Behr Big Eye Pirk
Behr Big Eye Pilker, big 3D eyes, yellow-orange, with fine glitter, wavy design, with self-luminous octopus, weights from 100g - 500g
From €5.89 *
Kinetic Torpedo Pirk
Kinetic Torpedo Pirk lead-free, perma-steel hook, rubber makk as extra bite stimulus, stainless steel snap ring, fast diving and gliding, 200g - 600g
From €6.39 *
Kinetic Miljøpirken - Pirk
Kinetic Miljøpirken - lead-free pirk, 3D holographic eyes, perma-steel hooks, stainless steel snap ring, fast sinking and gliding action, 60g - 500g
From €3.49 *
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