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Chromat Pilk lead free Chromat Pilk lead free
Content 1 Stück
From €2.79 *
Ron Thompson Squid Jigger Ron Thompson Squid Jigger
Content 1 Stück
From €4.99 *
Zebco Riffmaster chrom Zebco Riffmaster chrom
Content 1 Stück
From €5.19 *
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Behr Big Eye Pirk
Behr Big Eye Pilker, big 3D eyes, yellow-orange, with fine glitter, wavy design, with self-luminous octopus, weights from 100g - 500g
From €5.89 *
Kinetic Torpedo Pirk
Kinetic Torpedo Pirk lead-free, perma-steel hook, rubber makk as extra bite stimulus, stainless steel snap ring, fast diving and gliding, 200g - 600g
From €5.79 *
Kinetic Miljøpirken - Pirk
Kinetic Miljøpirken - lead-free pirk, 3D holographic eyes, perma-steel hooks, stainless steel snap ring, fast sinking and gliding action, 60g - 500g
From €3.49 *
Rhino Chromat Pirk lead free
Rhino Chromat Pirk lead free, lead free, different weights availible from 75g to 600g, classic shape
From €3.79 *
Solvkroken Stingsild Classic Pirk
Solvkroken Stingsild Classic Pirk, in two colours and weights from 60g - 700g, classic from Norway, unmistakable scale pattern, fast sinking
From €6.79 *
SOLVKROKEN Svenskepilk - Pirk
SOLVKROKEN Svenskepilk, pirk in different versions Bergmann, Jökel and DECO with weights from 75g to 750g
From €9.99 *
KINETIC Pilken Stainless
KINETIC Pilken Stainless, is a high-quality stainless steel Triangular Pirk with Mustad Treble and heavy duty stainless steel ring
From €6.29 *
Wuttke wolffish knocker
Wuttke wolffish knocker, three different colours, single hook size 5/0, leader material 0,80mm, with luminous octopus and attractor pearl
From €12.89 *
AQUANTIC Norge Pilk a classic Norway  Pirk with weights from 75g to 750g - the classic among the pirks
Content 1 Stück
From €4.99 *
Kinetic Missile Pirk
Kinetic Missile Pirk, different colours and weights from 200g - 600g, Perma-Steel treble hook, fast diving, lead free
From €4.99 * €8.33 *
Kinetic Pilken Banana-Pirk Silver
Kinetic Pilken Banana Pirk Silver with reflective foil, lead free, Perma Steel hook, weights from 100g - 500g
Content 1 Stück
From €3.79 * €5.95 *
Behr Banana-Shape Pirk Silver with Makk Assist...
Behr Banana-Shape Pirk in silver with Makk Assist Hook, available in 10 different weights from 60g - 600g, lead free
From €3.99 *
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