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Behr table smoker Eco Plus
Behr table smoker Eco Plus, for up to 8 trout at a time, 2 burners, adjustable smoke outlet, 43x28x11cm
€49.95 *
SAENGER Table Smoker Set "De Luxe" 2
Sänger Profi Grill & Table Smoker Set "De Luxe" 2, Smoker with Smoker chips and smoker lye
€48.95 * €51.17 *
Behr Stainless steel table smoker
Behr stainless steel table-smoker, TUV certified at the same time for food compatible smoking of up to 8 trout, dimensions 42,5x28x11,5cm
Content 1 Stück
€52.95 *
Sänger Smoker Chips fine 1kg
Sänger Smoker Chips fine - are grossly containing 1kg, the chips are made of natural beech wood
Content 1
€4.39 *
Sänger BBQ Smokerbox
Sänger BBQ Smokerbox, made of stainless steel, dimensions 21x13x3,4cm, suitable for gas and charcoal grills, transforms it in a smoker
Content 1 Stück
€10.95 *
Sänger smoking flour beech wood 1kg
Sänger smoking flour from aged beech wood 1kg, fine cutting, from natural raw materials without preservatives and flavor enhancers
Content 1
€4.49 *
Specitec Table Smoker "De Luxe"
Specitec professional grill & table smoker, stainless steel, dimensions 44x28x11cm incl. 2 grids, adjustable smoke evacuation slide
Content 1 Stück
€39.95 *
Smoker Chips Premium
ZEBCO Smoker Chips Premium coarse  guarantee a strong smoke, only selected woods without impurities
€4.99 *
Jenzi fish grill large with wooden handle
Jenzi fish grill with wooden handle, for larger fish, length approx. 71cm, made of stainless steel quality, ideal for grilling whole fish
Content 1 Stück
€14.95 *
ZEBCO V-Smoking hook 17cm - 5 pieces
ZEBCO V-smoking hook, length of the smoking hook is 17cm, content in the pack 5 pieces, ideal for smoking fish
Content 5 Stück (€1.56 * / 1 Stück)
€7.79 *
FLADEN Home Smoker incl. Smoker Chips
FLADEN Table Smoker, stainless steel pan, 2x grill, 2 burners, lid with intergr. Extractor, incl. Smoking chips, dimensions 42x27x18cm
Content 1 Stück
€38.95 * €40.46 *
Sänger Smoker Chips 1kg
Sänger Smoker Chips 1kg
Sänger Smoker Chips - are grossly containing 1kg, the chips are made of natural beech wood
Content 1
€4.39 *
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