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FLADEN natural bait rig with spinner blade and...
FLADEN natural bait leader with spinner blade and octopus, circle hook system, length 50cm, additionally with turbine and octopus, line 0.80mm, 1 hook size 7/0
€3.59 *
FLADEN natural bait rig with rattle and octopus
FLADEN natural bait leader with rattle and octopus, with two size 7/0 hooks, length 50cm, also with turbine, light tube and octopus, line 0.80mm
€2.95 *
Behr Natural Bait Leader with Octopus 6/0
Behr natural bait leader with octopus 6/0, two variants with different coloured octopus, length is 1.40m, hook size 6/0, line diameter 0.90mm
€2.29 *
Behr Strong Natural Bait Leader with Wing...
Behr Strong natural bait leader with wing octopus 6/0, side arm with wing octopus in fluo and long tentacles, length 40cm, line thickness 0.90mm, hook size 6/0
€2.79 *
Behr Power-Glo Natural Bait System strong
Behr Power-Glo natural bait system strong, natural bait leader with two hooks size 10/0, with self-illuminating octopuses, length approx. 1.50m, line diameter of 0.90mm
€2.49 *
Behr Strong Natural Bait Rig 2 Octopuses fluo +...
Behr Strong natural bait leader with 2 octopuses in fluo + yellow-red, with fluo tube, two hooks size 6/0, length 1,20m diameter of 0,90mm
€3.79 *
Rhino Hake Rig self-luminous
Rhino Hake Rig self-luminous, length 3,30m, 3 hooks, hook size 10/0, main line Ø 1,00mm, leader line Ø 0,80mm, capacity 50kg
€5.89 *
FLADEN Large Lumi Rigs
FLADEN Large Lumi Rigs with a self-luminous winged octopus mounted on a size 8/0 hook, colours Glow or Red-Glow
From €1.99 *
AQUANTIC Natural Bait System "NORGE"
AQUANTIC Natural Bait System "NORGE1" or "Norge2" in white or red, ideal for large cod, halibut, tusk and ling
From €5.99 *
MIKADO Norway Quest 06 - Cod-/ Hake system
MIKADO Norway Quest 06, Cod-/ Hake system, length 320cm, for depths of 50-300m, rattle, turbine and illuminated octopus, line 0,80mm1,00mmm
Content 1 Stück
€5.99 *
MIKADO Norway Quest 03 - Wolffish-System Fluo
MIKADO Norway Quest 03, Wolffish System Fluo, length 110cm, 2x 14cm Fluo-octopus, double rattle, line 0,80mm/1,00mm
Content 1 Stück
€3.99 *
MIKADO Norway Quest 08 - Oktopus Circle System
MIKADO Norway Quest 08, Octopus Circle Hook System, length 50cm, for depths of 30-500m, spinner blade, turbine and octopus, 1,00mm, 1 hook
Content 1 Stück
€2.99 *
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