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DEGA Clear Shockleader 100m
DEGA Clear Shockleader 100m - leader line, almost invisible, ideal for making leaders or as a shock line
From €3.95 *
SPRO Sea Leader
SPRO Sea Leader - leader line, for the production of very durable leaders, made in Japan, virtually invisible in the water, various line diameters
From €6.39 *
AQUANTIC Fluoro Shell Leader 50m
AQUANTIC Fluoro Shell Leader with fluorocarbon coating, almost invisible, high load capacity, extremely abrasion resistant, 0.50mm - 1.20mm, 16.8kg - 72.8kg
From €5.95 *
ROVEX Mono Leader 100m
Rovex Mono Leader line 100m, abrasion resistant co-polymer, high knot strength, easy handling, super load/diameter ratio
From €6.95 *
DEGA Saltwater Shockleader
DEGA Saltwater Shockleader - leader line 50m, extremely high abrasion resistance, almost invisible, knot strength = linear load capacity, ideal stretch, high abrasion factor
From €8.95 *
DAM TECTAN Superior Soft Leader 100m
DAM TECTAN Superior Soft Leader 100m - Leader line, ultra soft, low memory effect, very abrasion resistant, knot resistant, high elongation, size from 0,35mm - 1,15mm with carrying capacity from 13,6kg - 68,0kg
€7.79 *
Sufix ZIPPY Shock Leader
Sufix ZIPPY Shock Leader, leader line from 0,35mm-0,90mm, 6kg-46g, copolymer nylon, for maximum range when throwing
Content 100 Meter (€0.05 * / 1 Meter)
From €4.99 *
AQUANTIC Saltwater Leader
AQUANTIC Saltwater Leader with a Diameter from 0,45mm - 1,2mm, Breaking strength from 20lbs, 50m
From €4.79 *
SAVAGE GEAR Regenerator Mono
SAVAGE GEAR Regenerator Mono - Leader line in diameters from 0.40mm - 1.05mm, load capacity 10kg - 52kg, virtually invisible
From €4.99 * €7.14 *
Uni Cat X-treme Mono 50m
Uni Cat X-treme Mono 50m, leader line, extremely soft and abrasion resistant, low stretch, UV and salt water resistant, 1,00mm - 1,30mm
From €5.99 *
FLADEN Maxximus Flexi-Shock Leader
FLADEN Maxximus shock-leader , 50m, extra soft, super strong, very high knot strength, diameter from 0,60mm - 1,20mm, strength 20kg - 76kg
From €3.99 *
FLADEN Warbird Flexi-Shock Leader
FLADEN Warbird Flexi-Shock Leader
FLADEN Warbird Flexi-Shock Leader, low memory, high strength and abrasion resistance, yellow or orange, 0,60mm-0,70mm, 22,6kg-27,2kg, 50m
Content 50 Meter (€0.06 * / 1 Meter)
€2.89 *