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Fladen Sea Trout Spoon NIDINGEN FLASH Fladen Sea Trout Spoon NIDINGEN FLASH
Content 1 Stück
From €1.69 *
FLADEN Nordingen - Sea Trout Spoon FLADEN Nordingen - Sea Trout Spoon
Content 1 Stück
From €1.49 *
Kinetic Solo Salar Spoon Kinetic Solo Salar Spoon
Content 1 Stück
From €1.99 * €2.38 *
Kinetic Stevns Spoon- Sea Trout Spoon Kinetic Stevns Spoon- Sea Trout Spoon
Content 1 Stück
From €2.39 *
TRENDEX Sea Trout Spoon TRENDEX Sea Trout Spoon
Content 1 Stück
From €1.99 *
ZEBCO Impact Spoon ZEBCO Impact Spoon
Content 1 Stück
From €3.29 *
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Westin Sandy Inline Sea Trout Lure
Westin Sandy Inline sea trout lure, with Teflon tube inside, lead-free, ABS plastic/zinc, ultra-sharp single hook, lifelike action, detailed design, inline concept for more fish
From €5.89 *
Behr TOGER LARSSEN Sea Trout Spoon II
Behr TOGER LARSSEN MEFO Spoon II in 22g and 24g versions with a length of 7.3cm and 9cm respectively, available in various attractive colours
€2.49 *
Behr TRENDEX Basti Spoon 28g - Photo Print
Behr TRENDEX Basti Spoon - Spoonbait 28g - photo print, for SEERFORELLE, HECHT, ZANDER and other predatory fish in fresh and salt water, excellent casting, irresistible running behaviour, 28g, 9cm
From €3.79 *
Westin SØMMET - Inline Seatrout Bait
Westin SØMMET - Inline sea trout lure, lead free, material: zinc, Japanese style hook, size of hook: #5 / #4 / #3, designed and developed in Scandinavia
From €4.99 *
DEGA Salmon Spoon - Trolling Spoon V
DEGA Salmon Flasher - Trolling Spoon V, highly reflective colour variations, drop-shaped, scale-like lure structure, stable, robust triplets/spring rings, wave-shaped running behaviour, glittery look, UV-active
From €5.49 *
DEGA Lars Hansen Seatrout Inline-Spoon
DEGA Lars Hansen Seatrout Inline Spoon, Long Cast, highly reflective surface, inside plastic sleeve to protect the line, including bead, single hook and treble hook, partly UV-active, 18g or 25g
From €4.49 *
Fladen Trolling Realistic Spoon
Fladen Trolling Realistic Spoon - Trolling spoon with photo-realistic design, in two sizes of 116mm and 150mm, as well as different colours
From €5.39 *
FLADEN Dizzy Tobis Inline 22g
FLADEN Dizzy Tobis inline sea trout spoons, with 16g and 22g, 10 catchy colours, double swivel, 0,35mm flourocarbon line
€3.99 *
Abu Garcia Sölv Blixx
Abu Garcia Sölv Blixx - Sea trout lure!
From €6.99 *
Abu Garcia SÖLV Piil
Abu Garcia SÖLV Piil - Sea trout lure, lead free, 12g - 22g, excellent casting characteristics, super sharp Fusion19 triplets, irregular tail swing when retrieving, nice fall when spinning stop, great colours
From €5.39 *
Abu Garcia Toby Spoon
Abu Garcia Toby Spoon - legendary inshore spoon, one of the best selling lures in the world, from 7g up to 60g, inimitable running behaviour, ideal for all predatory fish, perfect for fresh and salt water, many colours
From €2.89 *
Blue Fox MORESILDA Spoon
Blue Fox MORESILDA spoon, allow long casts and fishing in strong currents, proven colour selection, VMC® hooks, extremely sharp, strongly forged, resistant to bending up, sizes: 75mm-15g | 75mm-18g | 75mm-22g | 87mm-32g
From €5.69 *
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