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SAVAGE GEAR 3D Line Thru Sandeel 23g - 135mm
SAVAGE GEAR 3D Line Thru Sandeel 23g - 135mm, lifelike action, 3D scanned details, single hook #2/0, treble #5 BN, 2 soft and 2 hard beads
€8.29 *
Westin D360° V2 Seatrout Spoon
Westin D360° V2 Seatrout Spoon, internal Teflon tube, lead free, erratic side-to-side action, continues to rotate during spin stops, long casting, single hook
From €5.69 *
Westin F360° Seatrout Spoon
Westin F360° sea trout flasher, lead-free, zinc, long-casting design, hook sizes: #6 | #4 | #4 , continuous wire construction, durable hand-painted colour decors, designed/developed in Scandinavia
From €5.39 *
Sølvkroken SLUKHALS - Cod Spoon
Sølvkroken SLUKHALS - cod lure, Sølvkroken's best known lure for cod fishing, imitates small crabs in shape and colour, with tassel on hook, sizes 18g, 25g and 35g
From €7.49 *
Sølvkroken Salamander Trolling Spoon
Sølvkroken Salamander Trolling Blinker, very effective trolling lures for big trout and salmon, various colours, 28g, 120mm
€9.99 *
Sølvkroken Storlaksen Trolling Spoon 28g
Sølvkroken Storlaksen Trolling Spoon, Variant of the classic Storlaksen with the larger and thinner spoon as the original, for trolling large trout and salmon, 118mm, 28g
€9.99 *
Sølvkroken Salamander Allround Zebra Spoon
Sølvkroken Salamander Allround Zebra Spoon, with a new pattern, design and colors for all weather and fishing conditions, ideal as a salmon spoon, 16g - 40g
From €8.19 *
MARINOR Eina Sluken 30g Salmon Spoon Copper
MARINOR Eina Sluken 30g Salmon Spoon Copper, classic Norwegian spoon, ideal for fishing for salmon, but also suitable for pike and other fish
€8.49 *
Westin Sandy Inline Sea Trout Lure
Westin Sandy Inline sea trout lure, with Teflon tube inside, lead-free, ABS plastic/zinc, ultra-sharp single hook, lifelike action, detailed design, inline concept for more fish
From €6.49 *
Behr TOGER LARSSEN Sea Trout Spoon II
Behr TOGER LARSSEN MEFO Spoon II in 22g and 24g versions with a length of 7.3cm and 9cm respectively, available in various attractive colours
€2.49 *
Behr TRENDEX Basti Spoon 28g - Photo Print
Behr TRENDEX Basti Spoon - Spoonbait 28g - photo print, for SEERFORELLE, HECHT, ZANDER and other predatory fish in fresh and salt water, excellent casting, irresistible running behaviour, 28g, 9cm
From €3.79 *
Westin SØMMET - Inline Seatrout Bait
Westin SØMMET - Inline sea trout lure, lead free, material: zinc, Japanese style hook, size of hook: #5 / #4 / #3, designed and developed in Scandinavia
From €4.99 *
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