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Rhino Trolling Spoons

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Rhino Trolling Spoons You want to catch big fish, right? And you want to troll medium and... more
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Rhino Trolling Spoons

You want to catch big fish, right? And you want to troll medium and large lures with the same speed? This is where Rhino Trolling Spoons really come into their own category. The lures have been specially designed by our trolling experts for trolling in the Baltic Sea. In open water and during the herring run, salmon and sea trout often prefer larger baits. We have put together an optimum range of colours for you whether you are fishing off Rügen, Fehmarn, Bornholm, Simrishamn or the Gulf of Finland – you will always be well prepared. The agile, almost aggressive swim action also attracts predators to take the bait at a trolling speed to match that used by most boats. Different colours are available in two sizes of 115m (16g) and 150mm (27g).


  • Beluga - neon green-yellow and white - actually this colour should be banned! It always catches, both on the downrigger and shallow, in the sun and in bad weather.
  • Gold Green Dolphin - Green and neon yellow on gold is often the winner in heavily fished areas. The more subtle colours will catch from the surface to 15 metres deep in sunny weather.
  • Rainbow Trout - Rainbow in the evening always brings fish! But also in bad weather and on a downrigger you should always have this colour in the water.
  • Furunkel - Stand out at all costs: contrasting dots with fluorescent red make this dark bait stand out from the mass of inconspicuous bottom fish. Cod in particular cannot resist this pattern.
  • Old Witch
  • Rügen - Green-yellow-green is always a hot combo. In sunny weather and algae formation, this colour is the bringer. Thanks to the fluo colours, this lure catches great from the surface to 60 feet on the downrigger. The red stripe, similar to the Bloody Tail, increases the bite.
  • Gold Swedish Flag - Similar concept to the Copper Master Herring. Gold instead of silver is not only more classy, but also brings more fish into the boat when the water is clear and the sun is shining. The black dots provide the necessary contrast and spur the fish on even more.
  • Svenstrup - When a Danish trolling guru like Jan Svenstrup has his favourite colour put on at Rhino, it really speaks for itself! Many Danes have been fishing very successfully from Mön off Rügen in recent years and this colour has often been the killer.
  • Lollipop
  • Last Try - Not only the last try, but often the last meal of our target fish. If the salmonids are hunting sprats or herring, this pattern seems to fit the prey pattern exactly. With 10 g on the surface, it is always worth a try.
  • Super Shiner - The combination of blue and glow immediately caught all test anglers extremely well. Whether trout or salmon, this is a must-have colour for downriggers.



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