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Fladen Sea Trout Spoon NIDINGEN FLASH Fladen Sea Trout Spoon NIDINGEN FLASH
Content 1 Stück
From €1.69 *
FLADEN Nordingen - Sea Trout Spoon FLADEN Nordingen - Sea Trout Spoon
Content 1 Stück
From €1.49 *
Kinetic Solo Salar Spoon Kinetic Solo Salar Spoon
Content 1 Stück
From €1.99 * €2.38 *
Rhino Trolling Spoons Rhino Trolling Spoons
Content 1 Stück
From €4.79 *
ZEBCO Bulben - Inline-Spoon ZEBCO Bulben - Inline-Spoon
Content 1 Stück
€4.69 *
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Westin D360° V2 Seatrout Spoon
Westin D360° V2 Seatrout Spoon, internal Teflon tube, lead free, erratic side-to-side action, continues to rotate during spin stops, long casting, single hook
From €5.69 *
Westin F360° Seatrout Spoon
Westin F360° sea trout flasher, lead-free, zinc, long-casting design, hook sizes: #6 | #4 | #4 , continuous wire construction, durable hand-painted colour decors, designed/developed in Scandinavia
From €5.39 *
Sølvkroken SLUKHALS - Cod Spoon
Sølvkroken SLUKHALS - cod lure, Sølvkroken's best known lure for cod fishing, imitates small crabs in shape and colour, with tassel on hook, sizes 18g, 25g and 35g
From €7.49 *
Sølvkroken. MORILD TROUT Spoon 8g
Sølvkroken MORILD TROUT Spoon 8g, thoroughbred trout lure, runs actively and flexibly, excellent for shallow water and cold mountain water, size of 45mm
€7.59 *
Sølvkroken Salamander Allround Zebra Spoon
Sølvkroken Salamander Allround Zebra Spoon, with a new pattern, design and colors for all weather and fishing conditions, ideal as a salmon spoon, 16g - 40g
From €8.19 *
Sølvkroken Salamander Trout Zebra Spoon
Sølvkroken Salamander Trout Zebra Spoon - ideal trout spoon with a new pattern, based on the Salamander Trout, colors for all weather and fishing conditions, 6g - 46mm, 10g - 53mm
From €7.39 *
Sølvkroken Morild Seatrout Spoon
Sølvkroken Morild Seatrout spoon, perfect for sea trout, combination of spoon bait and fly hook with tinsel, very efficient, two weights of 13g and 18g
From €8.19 *
Westin Sandy Inline Sea Trout Lure
Westin Sandy Inline sea trout lure, with Teflon tube inside, lead-free, ABS plastic/zinc, ultra-sharp single hook, lifelike action, detailed design, inline concept for more fish
From €6.49 *
Westin SØMMET - Inline Seatrout Bait
Westin SØMMET - Inline sea trout lure, lead free, material: zinc, Japanese style hook, size of hook: #5 / #4 / #3, designed and developed in Scandinavia
From €4.99 *
DEGA Salmon Spoon - Trolling Spoon IV
DEGA Salmon Flasher - Trolling Spoon IV, highly reflective colour variations, drop-shaped, scale-like lure structure, stable, robust triplets/spring rings, wave-shaped running behaviour, glittery look, UV-active
From €4.99 *
DEGA Lars Hansen Seatrout Inline-Spoon
DEGA Lars Hansen Seatrout Inline Spoon, Long Cast, highly reflective surface, inside plastic sleeve to protect the line, including bead, single hook and treble hook, partly UV-active, 18g or 25g
From €4.49 *
Abu Garcia Toby Rocket Spoon 20g
Abu Garcia Toby Rocket spoon, with S-shape, available in five catchy colours, weight is 20g, for all predatory fish from trout to salmon, sharp treble
€2.89 *
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