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Westin Coated Stainless Steel 49-Strand Wire 5m
Westin Coated Stainless Steel 49-Strand Wire 5m, stainless steel wire with high carbon content, matt black, 7x7 strands, perfect for crimps and easy to knot, soft, strong, durable and flexible, coated
€12.95 *
DEGA Basis-Rig 160cm
DEGA basic rig 160cm, expertly fitted leader between the braided main line and the lure, two versions with a diameter of 0.80mm and 1.00mm
€2.29 *
Rhino Spin Rig 40kg - 0,80mm
Rhino Spin Rig 40kg - 0,80mm, length 0,80m, main line Ø 0,80mm, load capacity 40kg, ideal for spin fishing
€3.99 *
VMC seafighter 1x7 Wire Leader
VMC seafighter 1x7 strand wire leader - specially designed for sea and warm water fishing, made of stainless steel braid, enormous carrying capacity, coated
From €6.49 *
Rhino Bait Holder Rig
Rhino Bait Holder Rig, available in 4 different colours and two sizes, with VMC 9650 Perma Steel treble hooks, 0,50mm monofilament line, length 120cm
€2.99 *
MIKADO Norway Quest 13 - Basis System
MIKADO Norway Quest Basis System, length 160cm, two spiral swivels to attach the side arms, for combination of leader systems
Content 1 Stück
€3.49 *
AQUANTIC Pilk Leader 2-Arm
AQUANTIC Pilk leader with 2-side arms, length 60cm, line diameter 0,60mm, Large fish system
Content 1 Stück
€1.49 *
cannelle SEAFIGHTER steel leader for sea fishing
cannelle SEAFIGHTER steel leader for sea fishing, contains one piece, three sizes availible, for artificial baits, 1 swivel+1 duo-lock snap
€4.99 *
DEGA Norway Basis Rig
DEGA Norway basic leader, with two or three side arms, a must for Norway, line 0,80mm, length 180cm
From €3.19 *
DEGA Stinger-System X-Size mono
DEGA Stinger-System X mono, for large rubber fish, 2 sizes, 1,2mm mono leader, two sizes 5cm with hook 4/0 and 7cm with hook 5/0
From €4.49 *
EFFZETT MONO SPIN LEADER, 55cm long, 2 pieces/pack , carrying capacity from 17kg to 27kg, with D-Lock Snap and Diamond Rolling Swivel
€2.29 *
Rhino Switch'n Easy Rig
Rhino Switch'n Easy Rig - quick change rig series, five fluorocarbon leader variants, 30-50kg
From €1.99 *
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