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Mullion HI-TIDE 275 REGULAR - ULTRAFIT - Lifejacket

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Mullion HI-TIDE 275 REGULAR - ULTRAFIT Ultrafit horseshoe design 275 Newton single... more
Product information "Mullion HI-TIDE 275 REGULAR - ULTRAFIT - Lifejacket"


Ultrafit horseshoe design 275 Newton single chamber inflatable life jacket. Ideal for general use with foul weather clothing and heavy equipment.

Features protective cover:

  • Durable waterproof fabric
  • Double shoulder straps for comfort and reduction of weight to the back neck.
  • Zip fastening cover
  • Stainless steel interlocking belt buckles
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Detachable crutch strap
  • Integrated deck safety harness approved to EN ISO12401

Characteristics of floating bodies:

  • Single chamber
  • Oral inflation tube
  • SOLAS approved retro-reflective tape on bladder
  • Red recovery grab strap on bladder marked “LIFT”
  • 60g CO2 gas cylinder
  • Inflation system
  • Marine grade whistle
  • Buoyancy: 294N


  • EN ISO 12402-2 : 2006 +A1 : 2010
  • EN ISO 12401 : 2009

General information about life jackets:

An inflatable lifejacket is a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) that generates buoyancy through a release mechanism with gas pressure cartridges.

A lifejacket is constructed as follows:

Protective cover:

The protective cover optimally protects the inflatable air chamber and extends the service life of the life jacket.

Inflatable float:

Single-chamber life jacket - The buoyancy is achieved by a floating body (minimum requirement according to EN/ISO).

Two-chamber lifejacket - The buoyancy is achieved by two floating bodies (minimum requirement according to IMO/SOLAS). The double chamber system is
                                     designed in this way, that if one chamber is damaged or fails, the other ensures buoyancy as long as the user is in the water.

Trigger mechanism:

The trigger mechanism is required to activate and pierce the cartridge so that gas can flow into and inflate the air chamber.

Automatic release: The vest inflates automatically when touched with water. The air chamber is inflated immediately. If this should not happen, which is
                               very unlikely, the lifejacket can be released manually with the pull rope.

Manual release: The manual release can be operated manually by the user by pulling the pull rope.

CO2 cartridge

When the release mechanism is activated, it pierces the cartridge and releases the CO2 into the air chamber, allowing the float to be inflated to the desired buoyancy class.

  • 150N class lifejackets have 33g or 38g
  • Life jackets of class 275N have 60g
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